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"Perfect Solution..."

I used Jane's services to decorate and organize my apartment. She had the
experience and knowledge to plan and execute the perfect solution to optimize
my space and make my apartment look great. She was also able work within my budget. I highly recommend Jane for any organizing and/or decorating project you
have. She is especially skilled in decorating, designing and organizing projects.

Tom B.
New York, NY

"Positive Energy..."

It is an absolute pleasure working with Jane. She comes to work every day with positive energy. She has a no nonsense attitude and gets the job done in a very professional yet easy going manner. Working with Jane makes me feel better about myself, as who wouldn't feel better after having de-cluttered and gotten your life
and living space in order?

Adrianne S.
New York, NY


I hired Jane to help me organize my home life and to decide what old stuff I should replace so that I could live more comfortably and efficiently in my apartment. Within a couple hours, Jane and I had devised a simple plan for improving my quality of home life. She initially scoped out the layout of my apartment, including the condition of the furniture, where I kept my clothes, personal belongings such as camping and sporting gear, mail, groceries, books and other reading materials, as well as nick-nacks and keepsakes. Our next step was to dispose of and replace selected furniture that was clearly old and out of place, a consequence of my having inherited furniture from a prior tenant. Her assistance in selecting a new table, chairs, a lamp, a desk and three rugs was extremely helpful as she has very good taste while keeping things within my budget. Beyond her furniture selection, which has resulted in my now very comfortable and attractive apartment, she has helped me develop a system for keeping my personal items, including bills, in easily found and labeled containers. As a result, I waste less time looking for things, and am able to recognize the usefulness of my belongings.  I also now know what to keep and what to throw out, so I don’t have to live with clutter any more. Without a doubt, the return on investment in Jane’s services has been terrific!

William F.
New York, NY