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Tips, ideas and helpful hints to live by:

  • Create an individual "home" for each of your possessions so that you know where everything is. You will save time and find your things with ease.
  • Spend a little time every day maintaining the "homes" of your things. This will help keep you organized. Keeping your personal space, home and office organized should be a part of your daily routine.
  • When you get something new, get rid of whatever it replaced or upgraded. Apply this theory across all areas of your life, from kitchen utensils to clothing to electronics and office supplies.
  • Create a defined area for your past such as photos, mementos, school yearbooks. Bookcases, mantles and cabinets are ideal for these displays.
  • When sorting your belongings, create specific categories; do not create a miscellaneous group. Even if you have only one or two items, it is better to create a specific group that will provide a "home" for future items.
  • Take care of your electronics. Lubricate the shredder after every 4 or 5 hours of use and remember to remove batteries before storing electronics for extended periods of time.
  • Only purchase items and bring home free items that will fit into and further your living space.